Research & Development

CAM and CAD Software

Our RND have 15 years of experience in technical and styling of factory leather sear cover in OEM Market and REM Market as well. We using high software technology to develop 2D, 3D and Mork-up design for customer. Below is our software and machines.

1. Adobe Illustrator
2. Adobe Photoshop
3. Alias 3D
4. Modaris
5. Catia
6. Tajima Embroidery
7. Nscan
8. Fomaris
9. RichPeace CAD
10. Auto CAD

Development Flow Chart

Highslide JS
Technology Of Equipments

1.Automated Leather cutting Machine

Station Controller

CNC Leather Cutting Machine

Auto Nesting

2.Multi-Layer PVC cutting Machine

Station Controller

PVC Cutting Machine

3.Heavy Equipment

Embroidery Machine

High Pressure Press Machine

Precision Hydraulic Cutting

Stamping Emboss Machine

Skiving Machine

Pattern Sewing Machine

Lamination Machine

Perforation Machine

4.Sewing Machinery

Double Stitching Machine

Edging Machine

Single Stitching Machine

5.Lab Testing Equipment

Daylight Color Tester

Taber Type Abrasion Tester

Dyeing Rubbing Machine

BYK Spectro Gloss

Belly Leather Machine

6.Special Airbag Seams Equipment

Side AirBag Machine

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